Group Dining

Dobrou chuť, bon appetit!

Aurora Events specialize in finding the perfect restaurant for every size of a group. 

With a portfolio of over 50 restaurants in Prague city center, we are ready to create the menu that you are looking for. 
Our locations can accommodate from 2 to 400 Guests and accommodate requests for all kinds of cuisine. 

We specialize in Czech traditional and contemporary food with beer tasting from microbrewery and renown beer makers. 

We welcome special requests for gluten free, lactose free, kosher and halal food.

Good food should always be exciting. But more often than not at events, Guests will expect plain, ordinary catering as they shuffle down the buffet line.

With the rise of Instagram encouraging Guests to share their food online, there are more reasons than ever to create bright and beautiful food that your Clients wouldn’t want to turn down.

We can help you!

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