Czech Restaurants

Czech Restaurant

Gastronomy should be a part of each trip.

Czech cuisine is interesting to taste and tells something about the habits and the tastes of the Pragers. 

There are hundreds of Czech restaurants in Prague but only a few are suitable for groups, have good food and are not traps for tourists.

Let us know what kind of experience are you looking for and we will organize food and beer tasting, special meals for kids and the prices will be unbeatable.

Eat like Czechs eat!

Czech meals usually start with a creamy soup like potato, leek, cauliflower or onions and are followed by a rich meat-based main course. The main course is typically stewed meat in thick sauce, served with bread or potato dumplings, pickles or horseradish.

raditional desserts are called “palacinky” and are something in between pancakes and crepes with homemade marmalade, butter and a lot of powdered sugar.

As you can easily imagine, no meal can be called Czech without a mug of beer. 
Beer has a big impact on Czech food culture and Group Dining Prague has dedicated a lot of attention to the selection of the nicest breweries and the best beers. 
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