If you would like to give your Guests a special food experience, look no further: we will help you book the perfect restaurant or venue to create a magic atmosphere with the greatest food in Prague.

Fine dining in Prague can be very expensive: this is why we have selected a few exclusive restaurants where to taste great cuisine in a nice atmosphere for the right price. 
Depending on the size of your group, we will be able to reserve restaurants, gardens or private rooms to grant you the privacy or the space you need.

Luxury restaurants are quite new on the Prague scene. For decades, the Czechoslovaks have considered food as a fuel, not as a pleasure. Old generations still have problems to accept new types of cuisine or non-traditional food: younger generations are more curious and careful about food and wine and are very open to healthier diets. 
Gourmet restaurants were not existing in Prague only 15 years ago but since then, a lot of things have changed.

Prague is becoming a food hub between east, west, and Asia: curiously, Asian food is a big trend in Prague and is often mixed with Czech-Eastern tastes and flavors. One of our favorite examples is the duck: only in Prague, you can find perfectly glazed Pecking ducks with bread dumplings and beer. The results are surprisingly interesting and very unpredictable, like the Czechs.